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Davao Region Pork Supply Enough for 2023 Holiday Season – DA

The Department of Agriculture in Davao Region (DA-11) has recently assured the public of a stable supply of pork meat and its by-products during the upcoming holiday season. This reassurance comes in light of consistent supply levels over the past year, as explained by Monday Aretaño, the regional livestock program coordinator for DA-11.

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Aretaño’s statement provides a sense of relief and certainty for consumers in the Davao Region who are accustomed to enjoying pork as a central component of their festive meals, especially during the holiday season. She has emphasized that the stable supply experienced throughout 2022 and the first two quarters of this year is a promising sign that there won’t be any shortages of pork in December.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to remain mindful of potential price increases that could impact consumers. Aretaño acknowledges that various factors may influence the pricing of pork, including logistical challenges, fluctuations in oil and fuel prices, and global conflicts. These external factors can have a ripple effect on the cost of pork and by-products in the market, making it imperative for consumers to budget wisely during the holiday season.

Davao Region’s Department of Agriculture is actively monitoring and managing the supply chain, with an eye on maintaining stability and preventing any disruptions. Their data projections indicate that the region’s pork sufficiency level is on track to reach approximately 183 percent by the end of the year, a promising indicator that residents will continue to have access to this staple protein source.

One significant development contributing to the optimistic outlook is the successful containment of the African swine fever, which had previously posed a significant challenge to the local pork industry. Aretaño noted that the majority of the provinces affected by the virus have now made a full recovery. Davao City, in particular, has been designated as a “pink zone” according to the Bureau of Animal Industry, signifying a disease-free status. Other provinces are actively working towards achieving the same pink zone designation, which serves as a protective buffer between virus-free areas and those still grappling with infections.

In practical terms, the designation of pink zones carries vital implications for the movement of live hogs, pork, and pork products. Within these pink zones, strict biosecurity measures are enforced to prevent the transmission of African swine fever. The separation of pink zones from red zones, which are areas where infections are still present, is a crucial step in safeguarding the local pork industry. This strategic division ensures that there’s no intermingling of products from disease-free areas and those still grappling with the virus, thereby preventing its further spread.

With these encouraging developments, consumers can look forward to a more relaxed and enjoyable holiday season, with a stable supply of pork meat and its by-products. The region’s efforts to maintain high levels of pork sufficiency and eradicate the African swine fever have been paying off, reassuring consumers that they will be able to savor traditional holiday dishes without the specter of supply shortages or health concerns. While potential price fluctuations remain a factor, the overall outlook for pork supply in Davao Region is positive, providing a sense of security for residents as they prepare to celebrate the upcoming festive season.

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